Testing & Evaluation

Aertec offers state-of-the-art methods for in situ testing and evaluation of aeration systems. Our field personnel and diving affiliates are experts in evaluating existing facilities and collecting information for proper design. This information is then used in the repair and replacement of aged and non-performing aeration equipment and systems.

Over three decades of experience have helped us to refine our strategy in the testing and evaluation of aeration equipment and systems for oxygen transfer efficiency, as well as alpha factor determination. We use ASCE Standard Methods and Procedures for both clean water and process water test conditions.

See below to find more information about each of Aertec’s testing and evaluation systems. Contact Aertec to address your specific requirements.

08_pic1bInspection and Evaluation
Inspection of an existing floating diffuser system for mechanical failure.

08_pic2bClean Water Oxygen Transfer Testing
Full scale non-steady state oxygen transfer testing at a new wastewater treatment facility.

08_pic3bProcess Water Oxygen Transfer Testing
Collection of off-gas for analysis to determine process water oxygen transfer efficiency in an industrial aerobic digester.

08_pic4bAlpha Factor Determination
Full-depth column testing for determination of alpha factors in a refinery wastewater treatment system.

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