AerMax Membrane Kits

Diffuser Membrane Kits

AerMax membrane diffusers are used by the thousands worldwide. We provide kits to replace the membrane on its diffusers and to retrofit diffusers manufactured by other suppliers. Extensive research has been performed on high tech elastomers resulting in an extremely durable, efficient and economical diffuser membrane that meets design specifications. This will provide you with a technological edge over other commercially available products. AerMax replacement membranes are available in several diameters, lengths and end configurations. Four different perforation patterns provide a wide range of oxygen transfer efficiency and headloss characteristics to satisfy specific needs. The basic elements of the membrane kit are listed below.

AerMax Membrane Kit includes:

  • New perforated EDPM membrane (0.090” thick)
  • New all-stainless steel clamps
  • Clamp tool (if required)
  • Simple to use instructions

04f_1Testing AerMax Model P-225 diffuser.

04f_2AerMax Diffuser Membrane Kit.

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