High Efficiency Coarse Bubble Floor Grid Systems

Aertec provides cutting edge technology for applications from mixed limited to high rate, including high solids suspension applications. The AerGrid layout allows the designer the flexibility to put aeration where it is needed. The system may be installed in dry and wet environments and by divers, if required. AerGrid efficiency improves as airflow increases using either full floor or tapered coverage. The basic elements of the system include diffuser laterals. These are attached to the bottom of the tank or basin by a patented yoke assembly fixed to the floor or ballast block shown below. Generally AerGrid systems are installed in the dry, but special installation techniques can be installed by diver crews.

AerGrid Features

  • Unparalleled performance and durability
  • Economical capital and operating costs
  • Operation without maintenance
  • Non-clogging, self-draining design
  • Widest available airflow operating range
  • Best mixing per unit of power input
  • Corrosion-free HDPE & stainless steel materials


04a_3System shown above in operation. Activated Sludge process tank 25 feet deep, 120 scfm per 1000 cubic feet of volume and 32 percent SOTE.

04a-1New chemical plant wastewater high-rate activated sludge aeration system using AerGrid floor coverage system.

04a_2AerGrid support mounting options.
04a_5AerGrid oxygen transfer performance curves for various liquid depths and air flow intensities.
04a_6AerGrid diffuser lateral support consisting of HDPE yoke and stainless steel pin connection base.

04a_7AerGrid diffuser lateral support side view showing retention collars used to fix the lateral piping and prevent pipe rotation.

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