We are ideal to carry out inspections of existing floating diffuser systems for mechanical failure. Highly trained engineering and installation personnel from Aertec provide comprehensive reviews and inspections of operating facilities to collect appropriate information for recommended solutions and for applications and system engineering of new or replacement equipment. Observations and field measurements may be made from the liquid level and from beneath, using diver crews.

Information for engineering and design

  • Plan dimensions of basin
  • Depth and bottom variability
  • Characteristics of wastewater
  • Basin materials; soil and groundwater conditions – natural basin
  • Wastewater characteristics
  • Capacity of existing equipment
  • Capacity of existing piping
  • Sludge deposits survey and condition of existing equipment

08a_1Survey and inspection of existing aeration basin diffuser equipment.

08a_3In situ solids survey for depth and characterization.

08a_4Dissolved oxygen and temperature survey in an operating industrial activated sludge system.

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