Aertec offers installation services for all its products and systems. These are selected to suit the requirements of the client and include: new construction, in-service installation, plus repair and retrofitting of existing aeration systems. The field personnel and diving affiliates are experts in evaluating existing facilities. Our specialists are also experienced in collecting information for proper design, repair and replacement of aged and non-performing aeration equipment and systems.

Use the links below to find more information about each of Aertec’s installation services. Contact us today for service on your specific installation requirements.

07_pic1bDry Installation
Chemical plant activated sludge retrofit of broad band coarse bubble diffusers with AerGrid floor coverage system.

07_pic2bWet Installation from the Liquid Surface
Paper plant aerated lagoon wet installed retrofit of static tube aerators with AerMax membrane tube diffusers on an AerTas lateral system.

07_pic4bDiver Installation
Diver assisted retrofit installation of AerGrid aeration equipment. This is used in a chemical process industry activated sludge basin with deep sludge deposits and existing broken equipment.

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