Fine Pore Membrane Diffusers

Aertec offers this advanced design for flexible membrane tube diffusers. AerMax may be used for new, retrofit and membrane replacement applications. Four perforation designs and several sizes are available to custom fit your needs. The system may be installed in the dry, the wet, or by divers. The basic elements of the product are described below.

AerMax Features

  • Highest oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Stainless steel threaded end connection
  • Thick EPDM membrane
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Positive closure umbrella check valve (optional)


04b_1Drawing of Model P-225 fine pore diffuser.

04b_2Drawing of Model S-225 fine pore diffuser.

04b_8AerMax Model P-225 fine pore diffuser.

04b_9AerMax Model S-225 fine pore diffuser.

04b_3New installation of AerMax Model S-225 diffusers for a municipal activated sludge process.

04b_4AerMax with AerTas wet installed system in paper plant wastewater aeration lagoon.

04b_5AerMax wide band system in industrial activated sludge application in chemical plant wastewater.

04b_6AerMax wide band air distribution test in municipal activated sludge process.

04b_7Tether design AerMax system for pretreatment of beverage wastewater.

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